Letters to the editor: Hotel project vital to community

There has been much talk recently about the Affordable Housing Plan and the ordinance adopted by the city.

In 2002, the New Mexico Legislature passed Constitutional Amendment 6. This amendment allows counties and municipalities to donate land, existing buildings, infrastructure, etc. to the development of affordable housing. This allowed the city of Clovis to donate to the Hotel Clovis project. The Affordable Housing Plan was a just another step in this process.

There was a sign on 21st Street that says, “Hotel Clovis is HUD Housing.” What is so wrong with “HUD” housing and affordable housing? The Clovis Hotel Project is not a “HUD” project, it is an affordable housing project utilizing tax credits and private financing. Remember that many of the individuals who work minimum wage jobs, the elderly living on social security, and those living on disability income all qualify to live in affordable housing. Do they not have the right to live in decent, safe and affordable housing? We believe it is unfair to label low-income housing, affordable housing, or HUD housing, in a negative way.

It is difficult to pull all the funding together to develop these projects, and any kind of donation by a city or municipality would have made the development of the projects much easier. We worked in the housing industry in Clovis for about 17 years and have developed more than $18 million in affordable housing throughout eastern New Mexico.

These projects provided needed housing to many families, and continue to contribute enormously to the tax coffers of their respective counties, with Curry County being the largest recipient.

The Hotel Clovis project is important to our community. As private citizens of Clovis, we strongly support the Affordable Housing Plan and this developer’s efforts regarding the Hotel Clovis.