Great weekend included wedding

Curtis Shelburne

My eyes are now open. It seems to be morning. But what day is it?

That’s the conversation I had with myself as something approaching consciousness was trying to break through my brain fog this morning. You see, we had a wedding a couple of days ago, complete with all the rehearsal and ceremony decorating, celebrating, food, family, fun, and now exhaustion (of the “good tired” variety). So, you understand this morning’s mental mistiness, I’m sure.

I might as well admit that I’m not a huge fan of weddings. Most guys will read that and wonder, “Big deal. What kind of dim-witted dumbo is?” Most gals will wonder if I also kick dogs and eat small children. My defense is that I absolutely love marriage (and a big wedding and a big marriage are not even remotely connected).

But while I’m “admitting,” I’ll also readily admit that this weekend included a good bit of fun and some really amazing moments—and a great wedding. In no particular order . . .

I got to swim at the hotel pool with my giggling granddaughters.

I got to dance with those little gals at the rehearsal dinner and reception—and with the beautiful bride at the latter.

I got to spend the night with my brand new grandson.

I got to watch my two beautiful world-class daughters-in-law laugh as they talked about decorating the wedding suite at the hotel for the groom and my newest beautiful world-class daughter-in-law. I’m so glad their husbands showed surprisingly good judgment by falling in love with them!

At the rehearsal dinner (a shrimp boil) I got to help dispatch a good number of shrimp (and a chunk of delectable cheesecake crafted by the artistry of my own bride) in exactly the way God intended.

I got to stand by my four sons during the ceremony—and please indulge my fatherly pride when I say there’s nobody I’d rather stand with or laugh with or be with anywhere. (Here’s an amazing thought: that’s how the Father of us all feels about us all!)

I got to officiate as the clergyman as not only a great couple but two fine families were joined. Both have shared ties for years and are proud as they can be to be “officially” united. This is the third time for such a blessing!

I got to watch as the two most beautiful little girls in the world (my granddaughters, of course!) dressed in white did the flower girl honors, proceeded down the aisle, and went, all smiles, straight, not to their daddies as directed, but to their grandfather. I was more than okay with that.

And I got the best seat in the house (which was not a seat since we were standing and which was not in a house since we were outdoors) … Well, I had the best view of anyone in that lovely setting as I could look right into two faces as filled with joy as any faces I’ve ever seen. I am immensely proud of that couple. May their faces always be filled with their Father’s love and joy.