Our people: Gene Bieker oversees maintenance at Clovis Municipal Schools

Liliana Castillo: Freedom New Mexico Clovis Municipal Schools Executive Director of Operations Gene Bieker said he enjoys ensuring that Clovis students learn in safe and clean buildings.

Clovis resident Gene Bieker has worked for the Clovis Municipal Schools for 13 years and is headed for retirement this summer. Bieker retired from a career in the military after four years spent in the Navy and 22 years spent in the Air Force.

As executive director of operations for CMS, Bieker oversees maintenance, custodial, transportation, energy management, security and a part of new construction.

“Life safety is first for our kids and our employees,” he said. “We keep a secure environment to support the instructional side of the house.”

Bieker said keeping up with roofs is the beginning of all things operations.

“If roofs are bad, we will have problems everywhere under it,” he said.

Bieker said he enjoys that his days are varied and unpredictable.

In retirement, Bieker said he plans to focus on travel, golf and fishing.