Six-word summaries say a lot

By Ned Cantwell: State columnist

Six-worders arrived on the scene a few years back. The six-worder brevity grasps a life story or current condition or philosophy. Column readers were invited to offer their own, did so with creativity, and the invitation is repeated. Here is a current crop of mine:

She is a Tea Party heroine, a former Minnesota lawmaker and current congresswoman, has a Christian counseling practice with her husband, is seeking the GOP nomination for the presidency of these United States. She is Michele Bachmann:

Just like Sarah Palin, only smart.

Sarah Palin:

Hi guys, like, oh wow, gotcha!

The 31st governor of New Mexico made history by becoming the first woman elected to that position and is the first Latina governor in the land. She has three years to prove her mettle, but much of the early going has been overshadowed by the shenanigans of the previous administration. She is Gov. Susana Martinez:

Never mind! It’s Bill Richardson’s fault!

Suppose you are in a convenience store when the robbers show up. After the cops sort it all out and apologize for the inconvenience, you climb out of the back of the squad car to the glare of skeptical neighbors who forever find you suspect. That’s what happened to our former lieutenant governor whose only problem is she served at the wrong time, in the wrong administration. It no doubt cost her the gubernatorial election. Diane Denish:

Congressional District one, why not me?

He is the “nice guy” Republican Speaker of the House, an Ohio congressman passionate about his conservative principles who “can be disagreeing without being disagreeable.” This fellow has his softer side and has been known to sob through Hallmark Card TV commercials. He is John Boehner who, on learning President Obama’s opinion polls are declining:

I’m so happy I could cry!

This man is said to be one of the best and brightest, but now he is a former congressman whose main lesson for aspiring politicians is that it is not conducive to a bright political future to do such things as pose bare for Twitter photos in a white bathtub on a hill watching the sun set with a HELP WANTED sign on the adjoining empty tub. He is Andrew Weiner:

No More SEND, on the mend.

The similar last names have been a nightmare to this guy whose own peccadilloes have no doubt got additional media attention because of Andrew’s notoriety. He is Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Wiener:

Why couldn’t daddy be a Johnson?

Former President Bill Clinton:

So what’s all the fuss about?

He’s done some good things, like nailing Osama bin Laden, thus restoring American pride. His bailout of General Motors and Chrysler saved 1.4 million jobs and an industry. The right hates him with a passion and if gas prices are still high and employment still lagging come spring of 2012, this may be a one-term president. President Barack Obama:

I talk pretty, but voters nervous.

This prominent New Mexico politico was known as the Veto King and his insistence on legalized marijuana was a deal killer then and now. He wants to be president of the United States but when they invited him to GOP debates no one would talk to him and now he is simply viewed as a forgettable eccentric. Former Governor Gary Johnson:

My presidential hope, up in smoke.

He is supposed to be the strong frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, but several others who seek that designation don’t seem all that intimidated. His staying power as a national candidate is under question. Mitch Romney:

Big teeth, all smile, no saddle?

Your humble columnist:

Living my life, word by word.

Have a nice day.

Your six-worders are welcome at, an exercise that will be fun for you and will give the writer an easy column. Win. Win.