Our towns: Ute Lake drawing attraction for Logan

Cannon Connections: Thomas Garcia The Crossroads Cafe is a favorite restaurant in Logan with homemade pies and cinnamon rolls.

By Alisa Boswell: Cannon Connections

Around 1900, Logan was established by Eugene Logan, an ex-Texas ranger, as a tent town for the incoming railroad bridge.

The more than mile-long Ute Dam, which created the popular Ute Lake, was built in 1963 at 5,750 feet in length.

Longtime resident and Logan Village Administrator Larry Wallin said the lake was built at 150,000 acres but the size was later slightly decreased due to the lake running over into other land.

Wallin said the village was chartered by the state in 1959.

“That’s when we were recognized as a government entity,” Wallin said.

He said Ute Lake is the main attraction in Logan, which is why some Logan residents own only summer homes in the village.

“Every summer rolls around and all the people that have houses here come back around,” Wallin said. “We’ve made friendships with people from Clovis, Portales and many other surrounding communities.”

Wallin said according to state park officials, the lake has had more than 19,000 visitors in the last two weekends.

“It’s been good. Our economy has been holding steady,” he said. “We have about 20 fishing tournaments a year. I just love the peaceful time here.”

Wallin said other attractions the village offers include an excellent school system and a senior citizen facility.

He said the fireworks show held at the lake on July 4 each year is another main attraction residents are very proud to have.

“It’s the family connections,” said resident Kathi Irving. “You go to the post office and you can see any number of your friends, maybe even some you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s just knowing everybody, I think.”

Irving, who is a full-time resident of Logan, said her home is located right across from the lake.

“I love it when it’s sunset and it’s quiet and you can see the boats going across the lake,” Irving said. “The lake is very relaxing and peaceful.”

Irving said the lake is the second largest in New Mexico, sitting at 13 miles long, one mile wide (at its widest point) and 130 feet deep (at its deepest point).

Irving said there are so many lake activities residents could tell about.

“We have a great staff at the state park here and they have a lot of activities that are great for kids and fishing tournaments every year and they’re having some derbies now,” Irving said. “There’s just so much to tell. We’ve got some great people here.”