McGee: Fireworks plan backfires

By Grant McGee: CNJ columnist

“Some guy was on the radio saying, ‘Be sure to bring your dog to the fireworks on the Fourth of July,’” said The Lady of the House. “Can you imagine?”

I rolled my eyes and whistled nervously.

“Oh, please tell me you never took a dog to a fireworks show,” she said.

Yes, I had to learn the hard way that a fireworks show is not the best place to take the family dog.

It was a Fourth of July a number of years ago when I was living in Roswell and I decided to take my Dalmatian to the big skyrocket show.

The sun was down and it was showtime, me in my folding lounge chair with my faithful Dalmatian by my side.

WOOSH! Up went the first giant skyrocket.

BOOM! The rocket burst into a bright flash.

With that “BOOM” my arm holding my dog’s leash was jerked and I was on the ground. The poor pup was freaking out, whining, trying to run away and drag me off into the night. I’m sure if I would’ve weighed 100 pounds less she would’ve; plowing through families, picnics and such.

Another skyrocket went off, then another. I wrestled her up in my arms like the cowboys do in the calf-rope at the rodeo. I got her back in the car and went home. I never knew what became of my folding lounge chair.

The next morning I was back at work at the local radio station. I told my tale of my dog and the skyrockets.

The phones lit up. The first caller said it all. “So that was you! We were wonderin’ who the idiot was who brought his dog to the show. You don’t bring dogs to fireworks shows.”

“Another life lesson learned,” I said to The Lady of the House.

“We can only hope,” she said.