McGee: Marriage is a sweet deal

By Grant McGee: CNJ columnist

It was another Saturday morning, another morning of venturing forth out onto the High Plains in search of great yard sales.

I was hungry so I sank a knife into the big pan of brownies The Lady of the House had baked the day before.

“What are you doing?”said a voice from behind. It was The Lady of the House.

“Having a brownie,” I said.

“For breakfast?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Brownies for breakfast?” she repeated.

“Why not?” I asked. “With a big glass of milk it’s a complete meal.”

“No,” said The Lady of the House. “They’re full of sugar.”

“But there’s eggs and flour and milk in them,” I pointed out.

“And sugar and chocolate chips; it’s like eating candy,” she insisted.

“But I want something sweet for breakfast,” I complained.

“We have granola bars. They’re a lot healthier for you,” she said.

“But they’re not chocolate,” I whined.

“The granola bars have nuts and raisins in them. They’re good for you,” said The Lady of the House as she sat down to read her newspaper.

So I ended up having the granola bars with my big glass of milk. They were especially good once I warmed them up in the microwave. And let that big dollop of butter melt in.

I was well fed and happy and we were off on our yard sale-ing adventure. I have a deal with The Lady of the House; as long as she keeps me well fed and rested I’ll follow her anywhere.

The next day I walked into the kitchen to find The Lady of the House putting a perfectly cut hunk of brownie on a plate.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m having a brownie for breakfast.”

“What a wonderful idea,” I laughed.