On the shelves — July 10

The following books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

In conjunction with the City of Clovis floodplain management program, the Library maintains a collection of materials on National Flood Insurance programs, local floodplain maps, design manuals for retrofitting structures, residential repair handbooks, erosion control guidelines, and similar topics. Librarians will be happy to assist users in locating these materials.

“Stolen Lives” by Jassy Mackenzie offers insight into post-apartheid South Africa as private investigator Jade de Jong is hired to be the bodyguard of Pamela Jordaan, whose husband has disappeared and whose daughter is kidnapped, but almost immediately both women are targeted by gunmen who shoot at them on a public highway.

“Friends Forever: How Girls and Women Forge Lasting Relationships” by Suzanne Degges-White offers solid advice on how to build and maintain strong friendships and how to be the kind of friend whose relationships will endure forever.

“The Tragedy of Arthur” by Arthur Phillips centers on a doomed hero whose larger-than-life, con-artist father shares a treasure that he has kept secret for half a century: a previously unknown play by Shakespeare that may be either the Bard’s last great gift to humanity or the swindler’s last great con.

“Nowhere Near Normal: A Memoir of OCD” by Traci Foust reveals the multi-faceted layers of a person suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder in a funny, frenetic, and painfully honest account by a woman who grew up with an all-consuming psychological disorder without medication or effective therapy.

“10TH Anniversary” by James Patterson begins with Detective Lindsay Boxer’s long-awaited wedding celebration that becomes a distant memory when a missing newborn and a series of violent attacks push the Women’s Murder Club back to full throttle before the wedding gifts are even unwrapped.

“I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions” by Shirley MacLaine shares the things that matter in life and those that are not important, as she looks squarely at a world that can irritate, confuse, and provoke her, but that can also delight her with its beauty, humor, and future promise.

Portales Public Library

“Still Missing” by Chevy Stevens

Thirty-two-year-old realtor Annie O’Sullivan is wrapping up an open house when one last visitor pulls up as she’s about to leave. Annie thinks that this could be her lucky day, but what happens next is anything but lucky. Annie’s story of her year spent captive in a remote mountain cabin with her abductor unfolds through sessions with her psychiatrist and is interwoven with a second narrative recounting the nightmare that follows her escape. This novel is full of suspense and mystery with a very shocking and disturbing conclusion.

“Undead and Undermined” by MaryJanice Davidson

Vampire queen Betsy Taylor has awoken in a Chicago morgue and decides that this is what being dead feels like. Her last memory is working things out with her husband, Eric, after a time traveling trip with her sister Laura. Now she’s wrapped in plastic with a toe tag as Jane Doe #291 and can’t help but wonder, what in the world happened? Betsy hits the pavement after grabbing clean scrubs and heads back to her St. Paul mansion to find that her family and friends have been frantically searching for her. Not one of them can explain how she ended up dead in Chicago until Betsy realizes that she and Laura didn’t time-travel alone.

“Hotwire: A Maggie O’Dell Novel” by Alex Kava

What started as a group of kids filming their drug induced party on a crisp fall evening in western Nebraska ends in an explosive light show, leaving the victims apparently electrocuted, with odd scorch marks being the only evidence. Maggie tries to make sense of the different stories when she realizes that the surviving teens are being targeted and systematically eliminated. Meanwhile, Army Colonel Benjamin Platt, on the East Coast is at the scene of a deadly outbreak, desperate to identify the pathogen that has infected children at a Washington, D.C. elementary school.