Press release: Federal help available for local business

In an effort to combat the high unemployment rate and frozen credit markets, President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act late last year. The federal government has distributed several million dollars to Small Business Development Centers across all fifty states to help small business begin exporting and increase sales overseas.

In New Mexico the Gateway to Exporting program was established and is being overseen by the International Business Accelerator. Gateway to Exporting consultants will be primarily identifying opportunities for New Mexican companies in Mexico, the state’s largest trading partner. The biggest opportunity for small business owners in New Mexico is to sell to the maquiladoras or Mexican factories just a few miles South of the U.S. Mexican border. After speaking to dozens of maquila buyers at the NAFTA Institute Conference on 16 June in Sunland Park, NM exporting consultants have identified several products and services that are in demand. This program is available to make sure New Mexican companies are supplying the maquiladoras as opposed to companies in other parts of the country and other side of the world.

The primary goal of the program is to create and retain jobs. New Mexico’s primary advantage is its close proximity to the maquiladoras, which make up most of the trade between the United States and Mexico. Although industrial products are the biggest opportunity for New Mexican companies, consultants are working with clients to export any product or service. Gateway to Exporting consultants are available to help small business owners access capital, help with an international business plan, have an export ready product and ultimately increase sales by finding new markets abroad.

Contact the Small Business Development Center at Clovis Community College for more information on the Gateway to Exporting program 575-769-4136 or