Get some help with sleep training your baby

MCT The Goodnight Sleep Trainer helps keep exhausted parents keep track of their sleep training. It is on sale at


New moms and dads know their lives will never be peaceful again until they have a full night’s sleep without a huge struggle. Now you can get a leg up in the difficult climb that is sleep training with the Goodnight Sleep Trainer.

Sleep training involves maintaining a balance between letting a baby cry and self-soothe back to sleep and you coming in to provide the baby comfort.

This system isn’t new, but like many things, it’s difficult to remember at 4 a.m. when you’ve had a grand total of six hours of sleep this week. The Goodnight Sleep Trainer is easy to operate:

Push “Down to Sleep” at bed or nap time.

Push “Up to Play” when sleep time is over.

Push “Crying” if baby cries between the two to start the progressive time.

When your child falls asleep, stop the timer by pressing “Down to Sleep” again. If the short timer finishes, briefly comfort your child and then press “Done Checking” to restart the timer.

Your baby will gradually learn to fall asleep on his or her own!

Most parents using this method report significant improvements in only 2-4 days and nearly all report their baby sleeping through the night in less than two weeks. The Goodnight Sleep Trainer includes a manual that teaches the process step-by-step and access to the Goodnight Sleep Trainer website where you can upload the data from your device and track your baby’s progress. Imagine how great it will be two weeks from now when you can wake up rested and refreshed after a full night’s sleep!

You can find it on sale right now for $14.99 at It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).