Letters to the editor: Housing hindering Clovis’ growth

Housing hindering Clovis’ growth

I have lived in Clovis all my life and think Clovis is a pretty neat place to be.

It is so great to see the city finally moving ahead with some activities that will really help move this community forward in a positive direction, and the Affordable Housing Plan, which will allow the city to donate properties it acquires through condemnation and reduce permitting fees for housing construction and renovations, is just a great plan to help in addressing our future housing needs for a growing community and Cannon Air Force Base.

My family is particularly interested in this because a young airman friend of ours recently arrived at Cannon Air Force Base. He couldn’t find anywhere to live that was decent and in his price range and as a result has been living with us for some months. Our family’s heart has opened up to this housing situation and it needs to be addressed. I know people who tried to move here but found the housing so expensive they had to move somewhere else, and I know plenty of other families in town whose grown kids still have to live with them because they can’t find a place they can afford to rent, let alone buy. So I am in favor of the affordable housing plan and what is can do to help our community. And with this plan we will also get to see Hotel Clovis restored into lofts that will bring not only housing but some more retail and restaurant space downtown.

Clovis is a great place. I’d like to urge Clovis voters to get out and vote early or get out and vote “Yes” Aug. 2. So let’s move this city forward and not backward.