Boil water advisory for Cannon

A boil water advisory is in effect for homes on three streets in Joe Cannon Estates military housing near Cannon Air Force Base.

The advisory cautions residents on Kasserine Place and Juggler Loop that they may choose to boil water for drinking, cooking, hand and dish washing and brushing teeth as a precaution. Water should be boiled for five minutes before use.

According to a press release on Cannon’s website, a water service line broke Tuesday on Clarian Loop and water to multiple housing units was shut off to repair the line.

On Wednesday, a water valve to housing units on Kasserine Place and Juggler Loop was malfunctioning and replaced. During repairs, only the Clarian Loop pipes and Kasserine Place and Juggler Loop valve were exposed to the environment and therefore susceptible to possible contamination.

Drinking water service provided to homes on the affected streets cannot be certified free of contamination without further testing, the release said.

The boil water advisory for Clarian Loop has been lifted.

Testing results are expected no later than 9 a.m. Friday.

Water from the low-flouride tap on base has not been affected and is available for pick up anytime with any container. The tap is located in building 377 on Engineers Way and users must bring their own containers.

Information: Cannon Air Force Base Public Affairs at 784-4131 or