Letters to the editor: New course betters life in Clovis

New course betters life in Clovis

Regarding negative comments about the new city golf course:

What I understood is the money was already there to be spent on just parks and recreation projects. So I’m not sure where it would be wasted unless we didn’t use it to improve our way of life in Clovis.

I understand not everybody plays golf. I play five days a week along with lots of other Clovis citizens, both men and women.

You should see all the young kids learning the game, both boys and girls no bigger than their clubs.

Should we tell them because others don’t play they shouldn’t have the chance to learn?

Golf is a growing sport. It’s one of the few games people of all ages can play and compete.

There is a plan the city has to convert the old golf course into walking trails, a dog park, better soccer fields and more parking space for the park and softball fields. Should these areas be denied because you don’t own a dog or play those sports?

We all don’t play football but because many kids do and some of the citizens enjoy going to the game we now have a great stadium our city can be proud of.

The city has already made great improvements on the new course. If you just watch and notice the crew has trimmed and cleaned all the waste areas, trimmed the trees and improved the greens.

The fairways will take more than a few months to improve, but there is more grass now.

The drought we all have been experiencing will slow this process but thank the stars the city is trying.

The residents around the course should be glad the course is finally getting clean and improving. How can that hurt their property values?