New state laws benefit military personnel, veterans

Cannon Connections staff

State legislation signed into law aims to help children of military personnel maintain stability in their lives when their parents are deployed.

Having taken effect July 1, House Bill 14a amends the state’s rules for enrollment in public schools. The amendment allows children of military personnel, including national guard members, to stay in the same school when they move out of their school’s attendance district because of their parent’s deployment.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Eliseo Alcon, D-Milan, who told the Cibola Beacon the legislation will offer stability for children affected by military deployments.

The amendment is one of nine state bills signed into law that offers benefits to military personnel and veterans.

Other bills include:

• Disabled veteran license plates.

• Property tax exception for veterans’ service organization.

• Approval for a feasibility study for a veterans business incubator program.

• Hunting fee discounts for disabled veterans

• Creation of an enterprise fund for the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services.

• Mandatory police training for dealing with the mentally impaired.

• Allowing a person listed as an immediate contact of a deceased member of the armed forces to make funeral arrangements.

• Granting a temporary hunting and fishing license for active-duty military personnel.