Letters to the editor: Hotel Clovis has historical value

Hotel Clovis has historical value

We can all benefit from having such an historical treasure and local landmark as Hotel Clovis.

Its value includes its rich history. At the time of its construction in 1931, it was the tallest building between Albuquerque and Dallas. It was also the host in its elegant ballroom to some big names, including Hank Williams.

We need to work to restore our hometown gem in hopes of bringing in tourism with other historical sites such as the Harvey House, Lyceum Theatre and the rock and roll museum to make our downtown a tourist business attraction.

Hotel Clovis belongs to the people of Clovis and needs to be looked at as an asset instead of a detriment.

Low-income housing in a business district can deter future profit for Clovis.

Hotel Clovis has been here for years and needs to be renovated and remain as an asset. It represents the ideaIs and history of the time it was built and we deserve to have this as a landmark.