Cannon funding bill passes Senate

Cannon Connections staff

A spending bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday contains millions in funding for military construction projects at Cannon Air Force base and other installations around New Mexico, according to a news release from Sen. Jeff Bingaman.

The bill invests $215 million in construction at bases around the state, each project being identified as a priority in President Obama’s 2012 budget blueprint, the release said.

The bill included the following for Cannon Air Force Base:

• $7.5 million to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.

• $15 million for a 96-room dormitory.

• $9.6 million for a simulator facility.

• $15 million for aircraft maintenance squadron facility.

• $28 million for apron and taxiway construction.

• $10.9 million for a C-130 Squadron Operations Facility.

• $10.8 million for a C-130 Wash Rack Hangar.

• $41 million for a Hangar Aircraft Maintenance Unit.

• $17 million for a Squadron Operations Facility.