Cannon puts spotlight on safety

USAF: Airman Ericka Engblom The 27th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron and the 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron displayed a wrecked vehicle in July at Cannon Air Force Base, as a visual warning to service members about the increased dangers on the road during summer travel months. Senior Master Sgt. Drake Davidson, 27th Special Operations Wing Safety superintendent, hopes that the wreckage reminds all airmen to stay safe when on the road.

By Airman 1st Class Alexxis Pons Abascal: 27th SOW Public Affairs

The 27th Special Operation Security Forces Squadron and the 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron worked together in July with 27th Special Operations Wing Safety to increase awareness of dangers service members and their families may encounter on the road this summer.

The 27 SOSFS and 27 SOLRS displayed a wrecked vehicle at Cannon Air Force Base, with shattered glass and twisted metal, to remind airmen to stay safe and vigilant on the road during high-traffic summer months.

The vehicle was displayed to decrease the chances of airmen driving under the influence, said Senior Master Sgt. Drake Davidson, 27 SOW Safety superintendent. It is a visual reminder of what could potentially happen to any airmen that chose to drive while intoxicated.

Summer months are some of the best for travel, with preferable weather and children on break from school, said Davidson. More families take vacations during this time of year, and roads become a major hazard.

According to Davidson, airmen ages 18 to 25 are the most at risk for any kind of vehicular accident. However, everyone should stay vigilant on the roads.

“The younger someone is, the more invincible they think they are,” said Hector Navarro, 27 SOW Safety Voluntary Protection Program coordinator. “The more safety awareness we put out there, the more likely it is to stick.”

Wins Safety published the VPP Porcelain Press (VP4), a quick reference guide with information on current hazards, and tips on weapons, flight and ground safety.

The vast majority of accidents reported and investigated by the safety office happen to individuals in the home or on the road, according to the VP4.

“The goal of publishing so much regarding safety is to decrease injuries, which in turn would increase duty time,” said Davidson. “Both of these factors can only help us increase mission effectiveness here.”

Davidson believes it is every airman’s duty to discuss and be aware of safety. The more issues concerning safety are spoken about, the more likely safety is to stay in the forefront.

“I do think people around our base are very safety conscious,” said Davidson. “People say ‘be safe’ so much that I really think it’s starting to become engraved.”

For additional information or questions about summer road safety, contact Wing Safety at 784-2811.