Adventure fever strikes again

It is indeed nothing unusual. It happens to me about this time every year, sometimes sooner by a week or two, sometimes later by a week or two, and I have learned to adjust. It will go away, and it is by no means a malady unique to me. If there is such a condition as spring fever, then there must be a name for this condition, too.

It is the belief that I will — and indeed, there are no legal impediments to stop me — the belief that I will pack a backpack with 3 pairs of shorts, three T-shirts,one long sleeve T-shirt, a ball cap, my River Rats, and make up a similar backpack for everyone else in the house.

We will load the ATV bicycles on the carrier; everyone in the family including Mikayla has an ATV bike. We will take nothing that cannot fit in the trunk. Meaning, primarily, fishing rods and snorkel gear.

After filling the tank with gas, we will drive until it is empty, then fill it and keep driving. In my Camry, I judge it will take about three or four tanks of gas to get there. To get where?

Probably Key West. I have never been there, but I know how to get there, and have been within 100 miles or so. Honestly, anywhere on the Florida Keys would be fine.

The Camry is in good shape, and would make the trip without a problem. The return trip is not an issue; in my fantasy plans, there is no return trip foreseen. The Camry will serve well enough, but we are mostly going to use the bicycles when we get there. We only need the car when it rains.

We will rent a beach bungalow, not the fancy kind that tourists use, but a real one, for we are here to stay. If I wanted to be unreasonable, I would say that we wouldn’t even keep the car, but this is one of those fantasies that must stay within the realm of plausible.

We will get jobs, not careers; we will get jobs that will not involve too much mental or emotional investment, when we are not actually on duty. I will probably lifeguard, as I imagine that is a year round situation in the Florida Keys. I do not know what my wife would like to do, but I imagine she would love to work at a place like Bahama Bucks; she has highly developed snow cone skills.

We will not have cell phones, and we will use the computer at the public library when emailing is necessary. The point is to simplify and beachify life, not keep it the same and relocate it.

You have surely heard of The Bucket List; this is my plan for the Bucket Life. If they told me I had only a year to live, you could find me putting it into action.

Unlike many fantasies, this is one that has actually been carried out by at least a few people. I think it comes from listening to too much Jimmy Buffet.

I would add one thing to my list of items, though. My poncho. I hear it rains nearly every day in that area. I’m sure I’m not the only one around here, after recent months, who would see that as an improvement, not a problem.