Letter to the editor: Government can’t fund everything

Government can’t fund everything

It was a blessing to read a great article in the Aug. 7 paper written by Sharna Johnson: “Hotel Clovis redevelopment still possible.”
We citizens dislike government’s excessive spending of our tax money collected for frivolous projects that private contractors can provide more effectively.
Government cannot fund all of our family needs. Only Holy God has that power.
This is the same problem caused by our U.S. president and our Congress. Can you believe they overspent $14 trillion? If we are not able to pay off this debt we could possibly lose our great freedom and country.
We may have our last voting privilege this coming 2012 election to remove those legislators who promote over-taxing and over-spending in excess of taxes collected.
Johnson’s article also brought out the need to clean up unsightly private property areas. Government should make an effort (with penalties involved) to clean up our city.
One other peeve I have is the poor striping of major city streets. It’s hazardous for driving especially at night. We need striping done like the recent project completed on 21st Street.

Len J. Santi