Grant McGee: Some select which rules to follow

I know I may be getting older, but rules and society keep changing “Faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson’” as my grandfather used to say, though he never told me who “Jack Robinson” was. The point is laws and regulations don’t seem to apply to everyone these days, especially when it comes to cars and trucks.

The other day there was a lady parked in the striped zone in front of the supermarket. I wanted to walk up to her and ask where I needed to go to get one of those special striped zone parking permits.

You know the striped zone. It’s a place of yellow stripes usually where the parking area starts near the store. It means “DON’T PARK HERE,” or at least that was what I was taught when I took drivers ed.

Apparently the striped zone can mean different things now: DON’T PARK HERE unless you’re in a hurry, your pants are on fire or PARK HERE so people can “ooh” and “aah” over your car with the revolving wheels and spiffy paint job.

Don’t yellow stripes mean “NO PARKING”?

Also, I never knew that you can save money by getting a car or pick-em-up truck with no turn signals. There are a lot of those models around here. I imagine by buying a vehicle with no turn signals you probably save $400 to $600.

The Lady of the House and I spot these folks in traffic all the time.

“Yep,” I’ll say to The Lady of the House. “There goes another thrifty driver, saved money by not buying the turn signals.”

No, I didn’t ask the lady in front of the supermarket where she got her special striped zone parking permit.

Maybe I should ask them at the Motor Vehicle Division.

Or maybe not, I don’t think they’d be amused.