Military mama: Slow down, turn off technology

Confession time: I get anxiety quickly and over ridiculous things. The more illogical, the more cause I have to stress out. Because not only am I stressing about whatever the actual issue is, I then also add the stress of knowing that I’m stressing out over something I shouldn’t be stressing over. Is that stressful enough for you, readers? I know that I am not alone.

We live in a very fast-paced world and it seems as though we can never be fast enough, have enough hands or enough time. We can’t even watch a 30-minute television show without getting antsy and wanting to fast forward through commercials. We sit at a stoplight and feel the urge to honk if the light has been green for more than five seconds and the first car has failed to race off the line. We utilize drive-thru restaurants where we can skip that pesky walk across the parking lot and up to the counter. We microwave meals. We order the fastest Internet and get frustrated when a page doesn’t load quickly enough. Heaven forbid our phone doesn’t load our Facebook pages fast enough.

That’s right, our personal, cordless, wireless, telephone devices have now multi-tasked to the point of being small computers, cameras, video camcorders and mp3 players. With each new tweak of technology we want to upgrade, improve and bask in the glory of seconds saved with these handy devices.

We live in a world of bigger, better and faster. And we need to be aware of what that means in general. What are we showing our kids? Good isn’t good enough? Fast isn’t fast enough? We need to be mindful of the subconscious messages our little ones receive through our constant need to upgrade.

I read about the “one screen at a time” challenge. These days we don’t simply have to battle the magnetic pull of the television, computer, cell phone or gaming system. We now pile each of these little screens into one setting. I am so guilty it stings. I sit laptop open, TV on and texting at the same time. And we wonder why our young ones always seem restless. It’s a learned behavior!

I’m challenging myself and you to slow down. Multi-task less and relax more. We can do it! Let’s savor the moments we have. After all, time is a precious commodity.