Totsy offers a 10 percent discount code on top of their already great deals for back-to-school shoppers

MCT is a member-only website that offers limited-time sales on high-quality items for parents and kids.


Right now, parents across the country are trying to stretch their back-to-school budgets to get all the necessities for their kids.

The members-only website Totsy is here to help with a special deal for readers.

Totsy says that last year, the average American family with two children spent around $550 on back-to-school gear.

The deeply discounted deals at Totsy mean that parents can cut these costs. Their prices are up to 90 percent off retail on items such as apparel, shoes, books, backpacks, lunch boxes and educational toys because they negotiate with brands and manufacturers.

Totsy CEO Guillaume Gauthereau recently addressed the issue of service and slow shipping that has plagued the company in the past.

He said because the site does not have warehouses of items, there had been sometimes a lag as Totsy purchased the product and then shipped it on to the customer. However, they have been working to cut back on the shipping times, and even changed the shipper they were contracting with.

“Our members have access to high-quality products at a very high product discount,” Gautherau said. “They are the lowest prices on the internet today, and the products are from specialty stores, and are safe products. Customers will get their product within 15 days, and sometimes faster, now often 11 days.”

The company is also interested in helping leave the planet a bit greener. They promise to plant a tree the first time you purchase an item through them, and they work with other companies that have “green” policies.

“We are addressing the next generation, so we feel that’s extremely important for safety … so people feel good that they are getting items that are safe,” Gautherau said.

To use Totsy, you have to go to the website at and request to become a member. Membership is free. Sales last between 48 and 72 hours. There’s a countdown timer on each sale. All sales are final.

To get the 10 percent discount, use the code BACK2SCHOOL. It expires Nov. 30. See more at