Letters to the editor: Pets need to be kept confined

Pets need to be kept confined

I am wondering why the people of Colonial Parkway find that they do not have to abide by the municipal code: 6.08.050 dogs and cats — running at large prohibited.

Every time my husband and I go for a walk in our neighborhood, we have some random dog come bounding up to us. Luckily, these dogs have been nice, so far. However, there is always that one time that a dog might have intention to do harm.

Being pregnant makes me that much more worried that such an event might occur. Also, the times we take our dogs with us, again, random dogs come running up to ours and it’s all we can do to try and stop a dog fight.

I really hate that I cannot feel free to take a walk or take my dogs with me simply because so many people feel that the law doesn’t apply to them.

These laws are in place for a reason, to protect people AND the pets. My wish is that people would be more responsible pet owners and make more of an effort. Avoiding injury to their pets or a potential lawsuit from an individual due to injuries obtained through such occurrences should be motive enough.