Our people: I’m going to let it shine

Liliana Castillo: FNM correspondent Randy Gomez is a Clovis native and spent six years in the Air Force.

Clovis native Randy Gomez started the Beacon of Light Church after separating from the Lighthouse Mission in April of 2007. Gomez and his wife established a new name and location and adopted the Recovery Program.

Gomez said he wanted to operate the Recovery Program in honor of his brother Anthony Gomez. He said his brother struggled in the last years of his life with health problems due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse

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“I watched this strong, hardworking man get weaker and weaker in a very short time. We lost him in August of 2005 and by December of that same year we opened the doors to our Recovery Program. I knew many other families were facing the same thing. I made a commitment to do my best to make a difference by helping others avoid this destructive lifestyle,” Gomez said.

Gomez is a lifelong resident of Clovis, except for six years serving in the Air Force. Gomez delivered the CNJ as young as 8 years old.