Letters to the editor: Obama covertly executing agenda

We have a president that cares nothing about his popularity. He is interested only in getting his Socialist agenda done.

Right now Obama and his Federal Communications Commission czar Mark Lloyd are working on a plan to shut down conservative and Christian programs, both talk radio and TV.

He is good at changing names that mean the same thing.

Another plan he has that I have heard little about is his plan to bypass Congress and grant amnesty from the White House to millions of illegal aliens and call it “administrative alternatives to comprehensive immigration reform.”

He likes to do things like this when Congress is not in session and the American people are not aware of what is happening until it is too late.

One other thing the American people are not aware of is this: The president has already granted exemptions to Obama-care to labor groups, unions, big corporations and even Democrat campaign contributors … and all they had to do was ask.

Last on the positive side of the Wisconsin recall elections: The citizens of Wisconsin used common sense and their own thinking to realize the millions of dollars spent by the unions and the other disrupters sent in by you know who did not work.