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Clovis-Carver Public Library

“Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob (And Sex)” by Peter Bart reflects on the golden era at Paramount Studios and the chaos, company turmoil, drugs, runaway budgets, and Mafia connections that made Paramount one of the most unpredictable, even bizarre, studios in the movie industry.

“Eve” by Iris Johansen centers on Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor who is able to create a face and match a name to a child who would have otherwise gone identified, and who seeks closure after her own daughter was taken from her years ago.

“Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet” by John Bradshaw explains why the widely held and counterproductive dominance-based training does not work, and offers some important and unconventional insights into animal behavior that will improve the welfare of man’s best friend.

“22 Britannia Road” by Amanda Hodgkinson explores the terrible choices that war inflicts on human beings in the story of a Polish woman who sails to England with her son to join her husband and start a new life at a small house on Britannia Road.

“Twenty Years Younger: Look Younger, Feel Younger, Be Younger” by Bob Greene outlines easy and effective steps you can take to enjoy better health, improve energy, control stress, and have a more positive outlook that can allow you to slow age-related decline.

“Breaking the Rules” by Suzanne Brockmann revolves around an unconventional family of Izzy Zanella, a Navy SEAL who is married to the sister of his teammate Danny Gillman, and who seeks custody of Danny’s brother while protecting a young runaway seeking refuge in their home.

“Navajos Wear Nikes: A Reservation Life” by Jim Kristofic introduces readers to the complex world of the modern Navajo Nation where life on the reservation is changing, yet remains the same as Anglo and Navajo coexist in a tenuous truce.

Portales Public Library

“Robert B. Parker’s Killing the Blues: A Jesse Stone Novel” by Michael Brandman

A string of car thefts disturbs what’s usually a quiet time in Paradise, Massachusetts while the town prepares for the summer tourist season. Suddenly the violence escalates and the thefts become murder and chief of police Jesse Stone finds himself facing one of the toughest cases of his career. When another crime wave puts the residents on edge, pressure from the town politicians begins to increase. A burgeoning relationship with a young PR executive, whose plans to turn Paradise into a summer concert destination may have run afoul of the law creating a personal dilemma that must be confronted. Memories of his last troubled days as a cop in L.A. threaten his ability to keep order in Paradise when a mysterious figure from Jesse’s past arrives in town, especially when it appears that the stranger is out for revenge.

“Prey” by Linda Howard

In the presence of Dare Callahan, thirty-two-year-old Angie Powell nurses a simmering rage and she sure doesn’t want to give Dare the satisfaction of knowing he can push her buttons and push her to the edge. When Dare returned home to Montana three years ago, he opened a hunting business to rival Angie’s. To complicate matters, Dare has asked Angie out not once, but twice and now the infuriatingly handsome Iraq war vet has siphoned away Angie’s livelihood, forcing her to close up shop. Angie organizes one last trip into the wilderness with a client and his guest to bag a black bear, but the adventure turns deadly when Angie witnesses a cold-blooded murder and finds herself on the wrong side of a loaded gun. When a bear charges the camp, the game changes completely and luckily Dare hears the shots while camping nearby. Forced together for their own survival, Dare and Angie must face their hard feelings, a growing attraction, and a blinding storm while being stalked by a desperate killer and a ferocious five-hundred-pound animal.

“300 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes” by Dana Carpender

“300 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes” is the answer to your dieting worries, so don’t settle for unhealthy, fattening fast food or another frozen pizza. Studies show that low-carbohydrate dieting works to improve cholesterol and take weight off, but low-carb doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or taste. Using all of the low-carb recipes inside this book, you and your family will be provided with delicious, nutritious, and filling meals that will keep you healthy and leave your stomach stuffed. Eat well, maintain your low-carb diet, and stay fit with these 300 delicious and easy recipes that can be made in 15 minutes or less from start to finish.