Our people: Man of action

Liliana Castillo: Freedom New Mexico Clovis resident Larry Holland enjoys outdoor activities.

Clovis resident Larry Holland has never let being jolted by more than 14,000 volts stop him do anything. The electrical accident took Holland’s arms, two ribs, an ear and left extensive damage to his face and heels.

Nearly 50 years later, he’s lost track of how many surgeries he’s undergone. He enjoys telling his story and does so for groups in a presentation called “I Can,” in which he talks about how he uses his prosthetic arms and how he overcame a dependence to prescription drugs.

Holland has been a member of the Kiwanis club for 44 years and worked as a fire marshal and with Disability Rights New Mexico.

“I can” is Holland’s motto and he lives it every day. Outdoor activities dominate his hobbies including yard work, water skiing, snow skiing, horseback riding, camping, swimming and he cooks.

Holland, 70, lived in Roswell for a number of years and is excited to reconnect with friends from his youth in Clovis.