Little learned in last 10 years

By Kent McManigal: FNM columnist

Last weekend America observed the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Apparently few Americans have learned anything in the past 10 years. At least, that is the lesson I take away from what I saw of the commemorations.

If the terrorists hate us for our freedom, they must love us now. The U.S. government has canceled freedom and only allows us to exercise certain privileges, at their discretion and within “sensible” limits, in place of freedom now.

The only part of the Bill of Rights that isn’t obviously violated by the federal government on a daily basis across America is the Third Amendment. Yet, I believe even the spirit and intent of that one is violated by having a standing military and unendable wars. The rest of the Bill of Rights is a laughingstock to those who work in government.

In other words, the federal government did the terrorists’ “work” for them. Why are Americans not gathering goose feathers and heating pots of tar? Or taking up pitchforks and torches? Can Americans really be so afraid of a phantom menace that they think trading priceless liberty for false security is a good trade?

Governments cause terrorism just as surely as a virus causes smallpox — and the solution is the same. Most of the “9/11” commemorations seemed to celebrate the cause rather than notice the solution.

Want to defeat terrorism? Abolish gun control and stop making it hard for the first line of defense (that’s you and me, folks) to do its job. Stop meddling in the affairs of other people around the globe. Not “isolationism,” but non-interference. Close the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. In fact, abolish any government agency, program, or law which diminishes liberty in any way. Take away the ability of the U.S. government, and all its local co-conspirators, to infringe on any individual right from this moment on. Learn a lesson from history rather than seeming determined to repeat the worst mistakes.

You can also change the way you think. Refuse to be afraid. Don’t fly flags (either the federal “Stars and Stripes” or a more authentic American flag) at half-mast in defeat, but from the top of the pole as a display of determination. Stand tall and unbowed when remembering that America survived the pathetic attempt to destroy it. Stop giving terrorists what they want!