City infrastructure plan discussed

CNJ staff

City staff held a brief public input meeting Monday afternoon regarding an annual update to the city’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

The plan lists upcoming needs for the city covering fiscal years 2013-2017.

Claire Burroughes, legislative and community development director for the city, said the plan helps the city when it asks for federal and state funding to work on various projects.

“One of the first things the legislators ask,” Burroughes said, “is, ‘Is it on the ICIP?’”

Each plan includes five numbered priorities, which are set annually by city commissioners. Commissioners will make their priorities known during the Sept. 29 commission meeting, and City Manager Joe Thomas will create an overall priority ranking from that discussion.

Burroughes said any commissioner or citizen can suggest additions to the plan at the 5:15 p.m. meeting at the Clovis-Carver Public Library’s north annex.

Last year’s top five listed priorities, with 2013 funding desires, are:

• Wellness Center development, including a soccer complex ($2.5 million)

• Various street improvements ($4.5 million)

• A new emergency communications/city government center ($1 million)

• Construction of an effluent water reuse system ($7.6 million), which would treat wastewater at a lower level than drinking water and use it to water the ground on city-owned properties.

• Construction of a new animal control building ($2.75 million).

Burroughes said in previous years, including 2010, the Ute Water Project was placed above all other priorities, but not given a numerical ranking.

Between a donation from the Sisler Foundation to fund a remediation of the Youth Recreation Building, a refinancing of a parks and recreation bond and Federal Aviation Administration assistance on a runway extension at the Clovis Municipal Airport, eight priorities from last year’s list were eliminated.