Don’t let government stop you

What is it you most would like to do if you had no onerous regulations and laws holding you back? What would you do with liberty?

This is a question libertarian author and novelist L. Neil Smith has posed in the past. It is still one of the best ways to awaken to the potential that liberty has in store for you. Just think about it.

I seriously doubt that you would daydream of a career as a robber or attacker. Nor would I. Why imagine the worst of others? Even if someone else did have those types of ambitions, there would still be the equal and identical rights of others, backed up by an absence of restrictions on self-defense and defense of property, to prevent him from becoming a real problem. It isn’t as if laws, and the chance of being caught by the enforcers, stop bad people from being bad now.

Many of us would probably dream of starting a business or pursuing a hobby that is just too difficult with government looking over your shoulder; demanding you jump through certain hoops for permission, and then demanding a cut of your efforts if you make a profit. Or, even when you don’t.

The trick is that you need to come to the realization that your wishes depend on you leaving the other guy alone to pursue his dreams as well.

• Do you want to follow your dreams enough to stop preventing him from following his? You only get as much liberty as you respect in the other guy.

• Do you want to keep your guns bad enough that you will stay out of your neighbor’s marriage?

• Do you enjoy your raw milk products enough that you will stop worrying about what the cancer patient across the street is smoking?

• Do you value your religious beliefs enough to stop trying to interfere with the other guy’s religious practices?

• Do you want to keep your own property enough that you stop justifying the theft of someone else’s property?

• Do you want to live your life as you see fit enough to fight for the right of your enemy to do the same?

If so, start now. If not, perhaps you need to get out more and develop some interests.

What’s stopping you?

Life is waiting.