Club notes —

Curry County Extension Clubs

The Curry County Extension Clubs held their annual membership event on Sept. 13 at the extension building with 25 members and five guests attending.

Grady Alpha Club was responsible for the program and decorated with a fall theme. Carol Nash was mistress of ceremonies.

Sheryl Abdill gave the invocation followed by a delicious meal of finger foods prepared by club members.

The program was presented by Kenneth Hultman on massage therapy and the benefits it gives our over all health. He discussed the map of the body and how different pressure points affect different parts of the body.

A representative from each of the clubs present told a little about their clubs.

Home Economist Glenda Belcher made an announcement about the upcoming leader training.

A drawing was held for the door prizes, which were donated by each club and the council.

For more information contact the extension office at 763-6505 or 762-0296.

Encanto Garden Club

The September meeting of Encanto Garden Club was held at Muffley’s Backdoor with Blake Curtis presenting the program on “Grasses” and the certain species which are native to different areas of out state. Blue Grama is the state grass on New Mexico.

President Helen Martinez called the meeting to order and Jacque Wuest read the Gardener’s Prayer.

After the usual order of business, Donna Whitfield led a lively discussion on her family’s impressive success this year with raised beds. Carmen Gilchrist then told about her family’s successful use of self-irrigated planters.

The October meeting will feature Jeanne Augenstrin and Lori Frazure presenting a program on “Medical Herb Gardening.”

Curry County Extension Clubs

The Curry County Extension Clubs’ leader training was held Sept. 15 at the extension office with seven members and two guests attending.

Home Economist Glenda Belcher introduced Sonja Koukel, extension health specialist from NMSU. Sonja presented a program on “Stressed Out.” She discussed causes of stress, what people do to relieve stress, both good and harmful and how stress affects our health.

She demonstrated the proper was to do deep breathing and exercises that help relieve stress. Then the group discussed the program and finished with joining Sonja with deep breathing and stretches that help relieve stress.

These programs are open to the public and club representatives will take this program back to their clubs.

For more information contact the extension office at 763-6509 or 762-0296.

Chaparral Extension Club

The Chaparral Exten-sion Club met Sept. 8 at Trinity Lutheran Church with seven members attending.

Sheryl Abdill called the meeting to order. Roll call was answered with, “Where were you on 9/11?” June Phillips read “Think About This” followed by reading of the minutes. Dorothy Bean gave the treasurers report.

New business covered the upcoming membership event, leader training and next council meeting. Hostesses were set up for the annual banquet in November.

Announcements were made and updates on club members were given.

The group enjoyed a sack lunch and started working on a memory game of listing the states and their capitals. Sheryl closed by giving some trivia facts.

Anyone interested in joining an extension club can contact Sheryl Abdill at 799-1917 or at the extension office at 763-6505 or 762-0296.