Tuesday morning briefing: Video game of the week and a groundbreaking moment

Good morning and welcome to the Freedom New Mexico Tuesday briefing.

Video game of the week

Our own Jenna Zamie’s suggestion for a video game worth your while:

Game: Kirby Mass Attack

Genre: Platformer

System: DS

What is it? Kirby needs help reuniting with himself after an evildoer splits him into ten pieces.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Web site: http://kirbymassattack.com

Compiled from Gamespot.com

Groundbreaking moment

The renovation of the Hotel Clovis building kicks off 11 a.m. Friday with a groundbreaking on the east side of the structure.

It’s open to the public.

Scholarship offered

The Daniels Fund is now accepting applications for scholarships to be awarded in the spring.

High school seniors in New Mexico should ask their high school counselors for information, or visit: www.danielsfund.org

The application deadline is Nov. 30.

Quirky quote of the day

“In spite of the cost of living, it’s still popular.” — Kathy Norris

Today in history

On this day in 1779, the Continental Congress appoints John Adams to travel to France as minister plenipotentiary in charge of negotiating treaties of peace and commerce with Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

Here’s the rest of the story:



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