Christians should be unafraid to show their ‘signs’

The political season for the presidential election is upon us. The television networks’ news programs are full of political debate coverage, poll data, and interviews with candidates. People line up on either side and endorse candidates publically and those announcements are broadcast nationwide. Soon the networks will be bringing back the red and blue states map. With the national election next year, the news will be consumed by the candidates, what each said and what the latest polls reveal.

Soon new political signs will go up all around Clovis. After all the candidates distribute their signs in the area, we will see signs on the highway, street corners, billboards, in people’s yards and on people’s cars. Some signs will be eye catching because they are so enormous; some signs will small bumper stickers. Then some signs will be pasted on businesses’ doors.

When we drive down a street, we will be able to tell who everyone in that neighborhood is voting for just by the political signs in their front yards. We may not even know the people on the block. Yet the signs in the yards will proclaim each homeowner’s choice in the upcoming election.

When the time comes, most of us will unashamedly declare our choices at election time. Some people will put signs in their yards, some signs on their cars and some people will even entertain with functions in their homes to showcase a certain candidate.

But what about the believer? When it comes to talking about our faith and proclaiming that we are Christians, sometimes people are very hesitant to disclose that. Do they not want to appear pushy? Is it that they do not want to seem narrow minded to others? Are they worried about being viewed as odd?

People will quickly and unashamedly take a stand for a political candidate, pass out cards, volunteer at the local republican or democratic headquarters, put bumper stickers on their cars and get totally involved in the election. But, are we as eager to publically communicate about our faith, the story of our salvation?

What is the sign in your yard: Not a real physical sign but I am referring to the sign that you wear in your public life? I think about certain people and the signs of their lives are evident to me. For instance, Shirley McClain is synonymous with stars, planets, vibes and her past life. Al Gore in my mind has set himself as “the environment guru” and Gloria Steinem is the poster woman for the Women’s Movement. All of these people have made it known that there personal signs stand for the above things — or else I have read their signs wrong.

The Apostle Paul says that if we are believers, our lives should glorify God. If I personalize that thought, I could say “the sign of my life” must proclaim Christ.

I am a fan of the Great Souls Series. The author of this series, who is not a religious man, has said says that there are six great people who have changed the world in the last century.

Each one of these found in their own way a purpose for their life. His six choices are Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Elie Weisel, Mother Teresa and Billy Graham. Of the six, five are professing Christians and those five have said that God has been the Source of their life’s course. Those five have not been afraid to openly proclaim and testify to their faith. The signs of their lives have inspired millions of people and given people hope in Christ to attain loftier goals and to make the right choices.

What does your personal sign say today?

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: