McGee: No shame in taking help

This is a message for the young man who came walking down the street the other day and offered to lend a hand as The Lady of the House and I were unloading a massive computer desk we bought at a yard sale. Hey amigo, thanks for offering a hand; it turns out we needed it.

My first clue that there might be trouble was the fact that there were five people putting it on the truck and now there were just the two of us taking it off.

“Do you guys need some help?” came a stranger’s voice from the street. It was a young man out for a Saturday walk.

Out of the blue, here in the 21st century, a stranger offering to lend a hand, a guy doing a random act of kindness. But then thought about stories of people up to no good, too many brazen thieves in the world, too many TV crime stories.

“Ahh, no, but thanks for asking,” I cheerfully said.

Once the young man was out of earshot The Lady of the House said, “What, do you have some sort of anti-gravity ray that’s gonna lift this out of the truck?”

“Noooo, “ I said. “We’ll get it out of here okay.”

I was being “Mr. Man,” thinking there’d be no problem getting the desk easily off the truck and into the house.

So I pushed, I pulled and didn’t handle it the right way. The desk fell out of the pick-em-up truck and broke into pieces on the ground.

To make a long story short, I’m writing this while sitting at my new yard sale computer desk.

And I just wanted to say thanks anyway to the young man offering to lend a hand. Sorry I didn’t take you up on that amigo.

And thanks to the makers of “Gorilla Glue.”