Military mama: Catch seasonal spirit

I’ve decided that I have a new favorite season. I’ve always been a summer girl, but I’ve come to realize that as a mom I love the fall. There is something so relaxing about the cool breezes finally taking the heat out of the day. The sun sets earlier and it becomes much easier to get the munchkins to bed. That in itself is cause for celebration.

The school year is in session and flowing smoothly at this point. A day-to-day schedule is finally sticking as a solid routine. I know there is no such thing as bliss in motherhood, but this is the closest approximation to smooth I’ve ever mustered.

Each autumn I’m reminded of all the upcoming holidays since they snowball, getting bigger and better as they go! Halloween is a personal favorite of mine. There’s opportunity to play someone else for a day, become a character. Oh, and gathering sweets is most certainly a highlight as well.

I love the preparations. As an adult, I can’t remember a single store-bought costume. That was something completely personal, and of course cheaper for the family. I have neither the time nor the patience to make costumes for my crew but I still try to make each costume personal.

It is so fun to create group themes. We had two little monkeys and I was the barrel. My oldest, the Transformer, had no intent of participating in any family specific category. I love picking out the costumes. Have you noticed how adorable any small child is when donning fuzzy, frilly, bright or scary gear? It’s a can’t miss to bring a smile to my face. When they start to embody their character, that makes the actor and artist in me all warm and fuzzy. That spark of imagination is enough to make my day.

This year, we’ve finally coordinated. I’ve got everyone convinced a single theme is the way to go. I approached it differently this year. I planted the seed early, and now Kaleb is certain it was his idea. That works for me. Toy Story themes tie all seemingly unrelated costumes together.

By the time we finish munching on the sugary treats from Halloween, we start planning for Thanksgiving. In our military career we haven’t had much opportunity to spend these holidays with family. I come from a very tight-knit group where family gatherings are not simply seasonal. I definitely miss getting together around the table with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more. Instead of making grand plans with relatives, it becomes more important to check on others in the same boat, our extended military family.

Whether you’re a summer, spring, winter or fall person. Take a few minutes to enjoy the upcoming festivities, take a walk and enjoy the change in seasons.