TRICARE news: Don’t let excuses keep you from mammogram

By Shari Lopatin: TriWest Healthcare Alliance

When Mara Street turned 40, she received a call from TRICARE to recommend she go for her first yearly mammogram.

Street, who resides in Great Falls, Mont. and is the wife of a retired Air Force captain, didn’t listen at first. “I deleted the message, thinking I’m a healthy young woman. I do not have a history of breast cancer,” she said.

But two weeks later, TRICARE called again. This time, Street listened. And after going for her first mammogram, she discovered she had breast cancer.

“If it hadn’t been for TriWest making two phone calls, we may have waited until she was 50 years of age and our opportunities and options would have been grossly limited,” said her husband, Tim Street.

Many women put off their yearly mammograms for a variety of reasons. But as Street, a mother of six, can attest, nothing should get in the way. A mammogram saved her life.

Here are four common excuses women use to avoid getting their mammograms, and why they should stop avoiding this lifesaving screening: