McGee: Country has many adventures for tastebuds

On a drive to Amarillo, The Lady of the House and I passed an empty building along U.S. 60 between Hereford and Canyon.

“That place used to be a store or restaurant or something and it had a handmade sign that read, ‘Home of the Wanda Burger,’ remember that?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “I always wanted to try one.”

Surely a Wanda Burger involved a delicious, drippingly good beef patty and large amounts of hot melted cheese.

Sadly, we’ll never know.

I pondered other unique foods I have known or heard of. For instance, my dad managed a hotel where one of the chef’s specialties was peanut soup. I once found a recipe for it and made a batch. One of the ingredients was a whole jar of peanut butter. Tasty, but I’m sure it sent my minimum adult daily requirement of sodium off the scale.

A few years back I was in Springfield, Ill. I asked some locals what was good to eat around town. “Get a Horseshoe,” was the common answer. I popped into an eatery, ordered one and found myself face-to-face with something that would make any health-conscious doctor blanch with horror: Thick bread, piled with sliced ham, a pile of French fries on top of that and smothered in a cheese sauce.

I pondered moving to Springfield just so I could have a horseshoe as often as I wanted.

About four hours southeast of us is the town of Lamesa, Texas. I understand they have a drive-in theater there where the snack bar serves up a unique creation called “The Chihuahua”: Two fried corn tortillas with chili, pimento cheese, onions and cabbage. I wonder if Lamesa might be a future destination just to try one.

There are lots of adventures for the taste buds out there across our land.

By the way, did anyone out there ever have a “Wanda Burger”?