Club notes —

Encanto Garden Club

The Encanto Garden Club invites the community to come and experience a free entertaining and educational morning Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Muffley’s Meeting Room, 1430 N. Thornton.

Horticulture expert and master gardener Jeannie Augenstein will present in full costume, the food, clothing and lifestyle of the early Europeans. For more information call 762-6955.

American Legion

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 25 received in recognition and sincere appreciation for outstanding service and assistance which contributed to the advancement of “I Carried the Cross” foundation Walk Across America programs and activities dedicated to God and Country. For updates and to track our progress as we continue our journey across the country visit

Thank you again for supporting the “I Carried the Cross” walk. Please know you are reaching out and touching the loves of men, women and families who face a different kind of challenge every day.

— Submitted by Bev Miller