McGee: A case of deja vu all over again

Do you ever get the idea that you need to be listening to people better?

I think I do.

This realization came to me after reading an article in The Atlantic magazine in which the writer detailed a personal hacking experience.

“Wow,” I said as I came down the hall, “These hackers are getting REALLY aggressive, there’s an article in here about how hackers are digging into everyday folks’ e-mail accounts.”

“I know,” said The Lady of the House looking up from her newspaper, “Remember that happened to me a few weeks ago?”

“Really?” I paused for a minute. “But these guys hacked into his wife’s e-mail account, changed her password and everything.”

“Yes,” said The Lady of the House as she put down her paper. “That happened to my account.”

“Then they get into the address book and send out personal e-mails to family and friends,” I continued.

“Don’t you remember any of this? They got into my address book and sent out e-mails,” she said. She reminded me that her son in Socorro had alerted her that she’d been hacked. “And you got one with the header, ‘Yo Grant.’”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I remember that. But in this article they said the hacker sent out personal e-mails saying the guy’s wife had been mugged in Europe and needed money wired to a European account.”

“Well we don’t know what the e-mails said because we deleted them.”

I paused.

“Oh,” I said. “This thing happened to us.”

“Yes dear, it happened to us, same kind of thing. Just a few weeks ago.”

“Oh,” I said. “I remember now. Well, you know, sometimes information has to go out and come back in again.”

“I know sweetie,” said The Lady of the House as she disappeared behind her newspaper. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”