Starter pistol prompts lockdown at Logan school

Police said Logan school was locked down almost two hours Wednesday after a teacher took a starter pistol from a student.

“The gun was a starter pistol which shoots blanks,” said Logan Police Chief Bob Gore.

Gore said a teacher noticed a student in the hallway with the pistol.

“The teacher took the pistol and locked down the school until police arrived,” Gore said.

Gore said the school locked down from 9:01 a.m. to 10:50 a.m., while police spoke with the student and others involved.

“Through the course of our investigation we learned only two juveniles were involved,” Gore said.

Gore said there was no fight or argument involving the pistol.

“There were no threats made or threatening gestures made with the pistol,” Gore said. “It appears the juveniles only brought it to the school to show it off.”

Gore said the matter has been turned over to the juvenile courts.

Logan School officials were not immediately available for comment.