Military mama: Time to end chapter

Our lives are storybooks. Each page turns and the adventure continues. This chapter of my life is coming to an end. I will still be a wife and a mommy, but I will no longer be a military dependent. After eight years, my hubby is separating from the service.

It was so surreal sending my ID card with hubby, I suddenly felt naked. There are so few times in my adult life that I’ve left the house without a quick pat of a jeans pocket or a peek into my pocketbook to ensure that I wouldn’t be left ‘out.’

I am grateful that my husband will continue to pursue his current career path, only with slightly more daily attire options. For us, that means our first move that involved an actual decision-making process, versus orders. In some way the stress of knowing that we have a choice carries a heavier weight than knowing that you have no choice and must go where the government wants you! Sometimes that structure can feel imprisoning, yet sometimes it’s ultimately freeing. Yet, if you’re like me you don’t necessarily realize it until it’s gone.

Be proud of who you are and the important role that you fill. I will always think fondly on my time as a military wife. I may not be one of you by title, but I’ll always be one of you by heart. Good luck to each and every one of you as you continue your journey. I am glad to have been a part of this community for so long. I hope that our paths cross sometime in the future, in a military world they often do.

Be the friend that you’d like to have. Be supportive, be optimistic and be flexible. Do your best to keep life running smoothly even when the bumps in the road seem insurmountable. There is an unbreakable bond that comes from the shared experience of being a military wife. We may not always get along, but when times get tough we unite at the drop of a hat.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you that have followed my column for the past year. It has been a wonderful ride being able to share a highlight or low-light of the week. Hopefully you’ve shared a chuckle with me, over some of the shenanigans that come so naturally with parenthood.

The biggest thing that I’d like to impart here in my final column is that each day counts. Make the best of it. No matter your situation, no matter what is coming down the pipe. Perspective can make or break you experience as a military spouse. Be sure to step back every now and then to laugh, smile and take a deep breath. The next time a parental conundrum arises, I hope that you can think “what would the Military Mama do in this situation?” And when that solution comes to mind, it’s a safe bet that you should do the opposite! Remember, keep your head up and always keep a smile close to the surface.