Letters of the editor: Foreign aid should be first to go

It is interesting to read about the government’s solution to cutting the deficit — freeze government salaries, charge for Tricare, figure out ways to negatively impact the military, and even cut Saturday mail deliveries.

I’ve never seen any proposals to cut foreign aid. We are sending $1.3 billion a year to Pakistan, the protectors of Osama Bin Laden, $498 million to Nigeria whose computer scams are known worldwide. Haiti gets $365 million without much to show for it. Zimbabwe, where white farmers are being kicked off their land: $285 million. Egypt — being taken over by Muslim fundamentalists — $483 million.

No need to write your representative and get a form letter by a staffer with the party line. Talk to the people who are running against them and tell them that you’d like to see some cuts in foreign aid especially to countries where the money goes into some dictator’s pocket or where the atmosphere is anti-American.

We might actually be able to cut the deficit without affecting those who have served their country either as military members or civilians. Which would you choose?