4Troops performance inspires, entertains

Cannon Connections: Alisa Boswell Joey Beebe, left, and Meredith Melcher, of the 4Troops band, laugh and joke with each other back stage Saturday night during the intermission of their show at Marshall Middle School in Clovis. Band members said they love bringing they message of military service members to others, because they have been in their shoes and know what it’s like to fight for their country.

Alisa Boswell

Local residents cheered, laughed and teased members of the 4Troops musical group Saturday night at their locally-played show at Marshall Middle School Auditorium in Clovis.

“The Clovis audience is very vocal, which we love,” said 4Troops member Meredith Melcher. “When the audience is like the Clovis audience and they talk and joke with us, it keeps our energy up.”

The group members started the concert off with stand up comedy Saturday while sound technicians were experiencing technical difficulties.

After two or three jokes and teasing between the audience and singers, the show took off with the groups personal renditions of songs like “I’m Proud to be an American” and “I’m Already There.”

The audience cheered as the four group members, Melcher, Tony Genpilo, Joey Beebe and Ron Henry, gave their service records in the military.

At different moments throughout the night, each member of the group would tell how a song they were about to sing related to their own lives and why it held significant meaning for them, such as Henry telling of growing up without a father just before he sang “Dance with My Father Again.”

“First of all, we’re very humbled to represent the men and women of armed services,” Henry said. “We’re honored to be able to express how we felt and how they felt when in Iraq.”

“We know how they feel,” Melcher added. “We’ve been there.”

Henry leaves at home a wife and children while he travels with the band while Melcher has a husband at home.

Henry called the Clovis audience “family” throughout the night as he and other 4Troops members encouraged the audience to sing along with songs they knew and asked veterans and service members in the audience to raise their hands.

“We were just saying how much fun we’re having,” Beebe told event coordinators backstage during the intermission Saturday. “The audience is definitely doing its part to show us the love.”

At the end of the concert, Morgan Baugher, a 3-year active duty Air Force service member, said she enjoyed the 4Troops performance.

“They were really good performers,” Baugher said. “It’s always good for morale to know that people are supporting us. I know that some people really enjoy stuff like this, especially in deployed locations.”

Cultural Arts Director Christy Mendoza said she thought the band was fantastic and that the show was a success.