Honesty maybe not best policy

They say that honesty is the best policy, but I’m not sure.

Obviously, none of us want or need to be brutally honest about others’ physical appearance, grammar mistakes, station in life or other insecurities.

When others ask how I’m doing, I doubt that they really want to hear a monologue about whether I’m satisfied with my job, salary, health, house, personal life, etc.

Rather than reciting the rote “fine” when asked how I am doing, would others want to hear nuanced answers about what is going well and what isn’t?

Are they interested in hearing about the most significant dynamics in my life: how specific birth traits have directed me in particular personal and professional directions, why I always return personal calls and e-mails promptly, how certain deaths have changed my perspective on life?

Do others feel any sincere congratulations for any small accomplishment I might achieve, or are they actually apathetic or even secretly disappointed.

When others criticize me or something I write, do they really know anything about me. Do they know or care about my struggles or coping mechanisms, what I think is significant enough to seriously discuss, and what is just fun and games?

Are they interested in my honest answers?

Am I interested in theirs?