McGee: Fake blue heron moves on

The Lady of the House and I spend our Saturday mornings riding around town going to yard sales. We call it “Date Night.”

You know about date night, that private time when you and your significant other have the chance to do things you both enjoy doing.

Some folks don’t understand “Date Night” on a Saturday morning but it makes perfect sense to us.

Anyway, I’m off the subject here.

A few weeks ago The Lady of the House and I were surprised to see our special great blue heron had left a local reflecting pond after so many years.

Many a Saturday morning we’d pass by the pond and I’d exclaim, “Look, there’s that heron. It’s there again.”

The Lady of the House would then say something like, “Why yes, I wonder what it’s looking at?”

Yes, we knew the bird was fake.

Not in the beginning though. I remember the first time I saw it and pulled over to admire the feathered giant.

“I think that’s a fake,” said The Lady of the House.

I studied the bird for a bit, noticed it didn’t move a bit.

“Hmm,” I said. “I think you’re right.” I felt a bit duped, I laughed at myself.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones fooled by the big life-like bird. Some time ago I was chatting up with former game warden Wes Robertson, who told me he’d get calls in the dead of winter about the great blue heron in the reflecting pond.

“People would call and say there’s a big bird stuck in a pond, that it was frozen in,” he said with a smile. He had to tell them the bird was fake.

But now the great blue heron in the reflecting pond is gone.

We wonder where its moved on to.

Maybe it’s gone south.

Maybe it’s flown off to a place where it rains.