Sumner Lake boat ramp reopened

Sumner Lake State Park officials have reopened the east-side boat ramp, according to a news release from New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

The water level at the lake has risen substantially since irrigation season ended Oct. 31, improving conditions for fish and allowing the lake to reopen the ramp, the release said.

Also, weekly tests have indicated the lake is free of quagga mussel larvae, an aquatic invasive species that can cause problems for fisheries, boaters and others who use the lake water, the release said.

Tests in May had indicated the possible presence of quagga mussels in the lake, which led to a temporary boating closure and subsequent requirements that all boats be decontaminated upon leaving the water. Further weekly tests since Memorial Day, however, showed no evidence of the mussels.

“This is great news for park visitors who enjoy boating, fishing and other recreation at Sumner Lake State Park,” Parks Director Tommy Mutz said.

“There is plenty of water and the fishing should be good through next spring.”