Business licenses — Nov. 8

The following business licenses were obtained from the city of Clovis in October:

• Nathan’s Hom3 Child Car3
Type: Child Care/Babysitting
Owner: Charles Nathaniel Brown
Location: 1720 Sheldon

• JL Board Shop
Type: Sporting Goods
Owner: David Leon
Location: 120 Main

• Horizon Mechanical Inc.
Type: Mechanical
Owner: William Pitts
Location: 1811 Copper Loop

• Jessi’s Housekeeping
Type: Cleaning
Owner: Jessica Garcia
Location: 1205 Connelly

• Wireless King
Type: Electronics
Owner: Raymond Ramirez, Santos Mungia III
Location: 3217 Prince

• Joe Zamora Plumbing
Type: Plumbing
Owner: Joe Zamora
Location: 515 Merriwether

• Service Electric Co. Inc.
Type: Electrician
Owner: Steve Alderete
Location: 3617 Commercial

• Talon/LPE
Type: General Contractor
Owner: William David Prescott
Location: 921 N. Bivins

• Roma’s Italian Restaurant
Type: Restaurant
Owner: Mario Ajrula
Location: 1620 Mabry

• Excel Home Services Inc.
Type: Plumbing
Owner: Andrew Tortorici
Location: 224 Chaparral Loop

• Kiloton Tactical
Type: Guns
Owner: Kevin T. Smith
Location: 1012 York Dr.

• Clovis Clean Dogs
Type: Dog Grooming
Owner: Jamie Herrick
Location: 232 Fireball Dr.

• Handley Knives
Type: General Merchandise
Owner: Matthew Handley
Location: 228 Asher Dr.

• CTI of New Mexico
Type: General Contractor
Owner: Jeremy Lakin
Location: 2204 Echols

• Encompass Cleaning Concepts
Type: Cleaning
Owner: Spencer Odom
Location: 1620 Claremont Terrace

• Crystal Clear Enterprises
Type: General Contractor
Owner: Jesse Young
Location: 4301 N. Dal Paso

• Read and Succeed
Type: Tutoring
Owner: Education Innovations
Location: 701 Brazos St., Suite 500 A

• Diamonds Evermore Inc.
Type: Jewelers
Owner: Gail Tarson
Location: 1407 Main

• RR Automotive
Type: Auto Body Shop/Repair
Owner: Rocky Richardson
Location: 2112 W. Seventh Street

• J B Enterprises
Type: Lawn Care
Owner: Jon Beaubien
Location: P.O. box 756

• S-N-J’s Mobile Home Specialist
Type: Trucking Co.
Owner: James Reardon
Location: 5067 W. Picacho, Las Cruces