Press release: Bingaman talks veterans jobs bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today talked with New Mexico radio reporters about a bill the Senate is expected to take up a jobs bill aimed at boost employment opportunities for veterans.

Bingaman’s remarks can be retrieved by going to his website or clicking on the following link:

00:00 – Bingaman talks about the veterans jobs bill that the Senate is expected to take up this week.

02:51 – Bingaman comments on a constitutional amendment introduced by Senator Tom Udall that would grant Congress the authority to regulate the campaign finance system.

04:38 – Bingaman talks about a bill he has introduced to expand to 75 miles the zone in which certain Mexican nationals can travel into New Mexico to shop, conduct business, and/or visit family.

06:58 – Bingaman comments on concerns over a proposed pipeline to carry crude oil from the tar sands of Canada to refineries in Texas.