Closing city golf course mistake

It seems to me the city is making a mistake by closing the municipal golf course. It is still the best course in Clovis.

It was in very good condition right up to the closing on Aug. 30, thanks to the maintenance personnel. Many senior citizens, ladies and children enjoyed the course, but it seems city officials are more interested in keeping the dogs happy than those who were happy playing on the course.

I have played the Colonial Park course since Muni closed, but it is not in good condition. There is little grass on the fairways and I have to scrape the goat heads from my cart wheels after playing.

The rates have increa-sed as well.

One of my playing partners decided to just quit rather than play somewhere else. Others have gone to play in Farwell.

I have paid my membership dues until May 2012 so I will continue to play at Colonial until then, hoping the course can be improved.