County should reveal details of investigation

The mysterious investigation conducted at the request of Curry County Attorney Stephen Doerr has concluded, Doerr and Commission Chairman Caleb Chandler confirmed on Wednesday.

Now it’s time officials tell us what they were investigating and what they found out.

Doerr announced following an executive session with county commissioners on Tuesday that his office was asked to do an investigation and found no violation of county policy.

It’s still not clear who or what was the subject of the investigation and officials are still not talking.

All we’ve been told is County Manager Lance Pyle isn’t the subject of the investigation.

We don’t have any idea how many millions of other people were also not the subject of the investigation.

Responding to CNJ questions last month, Pyle issued a written statement saying commissioners told him in executive session:

• He “is not and was not the subject of an investigation.”

• The county commission “fully supports Lance Pyle as county manager.”

• The county has a personnel policy that has been and will be followed.

• The commission expects every employee to follow chain of command with Pyle as county manager.

Commissioner Frank Blackburn and Assistant County Manager Connie Harrison have said the investigation was a personnel matter, but they couldn’t discuss details.

The Clovis News Journal early this month made a formal request for documents related to the investigation. Doerr rejected our request, saying it had not been completed. Now that it’s over we trust the documents will be released, along with information about how much this mystery cost taxpayers.

We’re sure it wasn’t cheap.